Farmvember week 3

Another week of sketching photo's from mine and Nikki's farms - we have been so impressed by everyone's contributions, and are having a lot of fun with the challenge! There are now over 500 posts on the hashtag on Instagram! I am feeling like my confidence in tackling scenes is…

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Massy Ferguson 565 - Day 8

Farmvember 2023 – Week 2

What an amazing response Nikki and I have had to our Farmvember challenge! So many amazing artists taking part, we are so overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm the challenge is receiving! Here are week two's sketches: Calves - Day 6 Day 6 - Calves: This was a fun one,…

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Boatober roundup and Farmvember Launch!

As October drew to a close, I came to the conclusion that I had enjoyed Boatober so much that I wanted to keep going! Nikki and I have been chatting for a while about the possibility of starting our own challenge on Instagram, so we went for it - keeping…

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Boatober 2023 – Week 4

I am somewhat in shock that I am even writing this blog post, because my experience with daily challenges usually means I run out of steam after a week, or two weeks at best. Yet, here we are with week 4!! Amazing! My favourite sketch from this week is yesterday's…

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Brian’s Hut

I am getting quite into these ‘draw this in your style’ challenges on Instagram. It’s so lovely to be able to scroll through my feed and see what pops up to inspire me! Today’s sketch was one I have seen a few times now, so I had to give it…

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Fake Lighthouse Sketch

Inspired to keep my daily sketching habit going, I found another 'draw this in your own style' image on instagram, this time by Marta K (@kemartart) • Instagram photos and videos. This was a challenging scene, with quite a lot of detail, so i just went straight in with ink…

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