A Slightly Late Farmvember Week 4 and Roundup

Well, I must first apologise for not having posted the final week of November's art challenge sooner! Only 2 and a half months late! I really do struggle to consistently post. But that doesn't mean I should just stop altogether. I will keep trying to make posting here an established…

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Farmvember week 3

Another week of sketching photo's from mine and Nikki's farms - we have been so impressed by everyone's contributions, and are having a lot of fun with the challenge! There are now over 500 posts on the hashtag on Instagram! I am feeling like my confidence in tackling scenes is…

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Massy Ferguson 565 - Day 8

Farmvember 2023 – Week 2

What an amazing response Nikki and I have had to our Farmvember challenge! So many amazing artists taking part, we are so overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm the challenge is receiving! Here are week two's sketches: Calves - Day 6 Day 6 - Calves: This was a fun one,…

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Boatober roundup and Farmvember Launch!

As October drew to a close, I came to the conclusion that I had enjoyed Boatober so much that I wanted to keep going! Nikki and I have been chatting for a while about the possibility of starting our own challenge on Instagram, so we went for it - keeping…

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Boatober 2023 – Week 4

I am somewhat in shock that I am even writing this blog post, because my experience with daily challenges usually means I run out of steam after a week, or two weeks at best. Yet, here we are with week 4!! Amazing! My favourite sketch from this week is yesterday's…

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Sketching on Location – Lyme Regis

Yesterday, I took the boys to Lyme Regis with my Sister-in-Law and her lovely girls. Lyme Regis is a gorgeous fishing town and beach in Dorset, and only about an hour's drive from my home. The weather was looking changeable, but we went for it! I packed trunks for the…

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