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Boatober 2023 – Week 4

I am somewhat in shock that I am even writing this blog post, because my experience with daily challenges usually means I run out of steam after a week, or two weeks at best. Yet, here we are with week 4!! Amazing!

My favourite sketch from this week is yesterday’s – day 28. I really loved the image with the big shipwreck in the foreground, with immense mountains and cloudy sky in the distance. It was really fun to try and sketch the tiny distant houses, and also render the rocky beach.

I used my TWSBI Eco pen for a quick line, then added colour with my Derwent Graphitint paint. I really love the muted tones and the texture this paint has. It also helps me limit my colour palette, which I think adds to the image, keeping it uncluttered (as my lines are usually clutter enough!).

I also really enjoyed sketching day 26, which was a Venetian Gondola agains the backdrop of the beautiful old buildings. This was quite a refreshing change from the boats taking centre stage, as they definitely took up less of the image on this photo. I kept a really loose line, so as not to get too caught up in all of the details, and I also used my Derwent Graphitint paints – which I think suited the faded yellows and terracotta of the buildings.

So just 3 more days to go! My Sister and I have a few things planned for November, which will include a new weekly drawing challenge – we are both excited to be launching this next week! It will be nice to have a focus to keep going with after Boatober. I am definitely going to commit to keeping going with the daily habit, as it has really helped improve my confidence again.

The daily challenge has also helped fill up my sketchbook – I may need to start a new one for the last day! I have decided I do not like the paper that much in this particular sketchbook – It takes light watercolour pretty well, but my ink can sometimes bleed, which means I get blobs, or a fuzzy line that I am not happy with. I have in waiting, a small softcover A6 Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook, or a slightly bigger watercolour sketchbook from Jacksons (one I haven’t tried before), so I will see what I choose in a day or two!

This weeks Boatober sketches:

Another huge thanks to Doug Jackson for hosting this fab challenge throughout October – do visit him on Instagram and at his website, where he also has some art for sale.

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