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A Slightly Late Farmvember Week 4 and Roundup

Well, I must first apologise for not having posted the final week of November’s art challenge sooner! Only 2 and a half months late! I really do struggle to consistently post. But that doesn’t mean I should just stop altogether. I will keep trying to make posting here an established habit.

The good news is that I am still sketching and creating every day! So let’s get straight into the catch up and then we can move on to more recent stuff.

I posted a flip through of all the sketches of the month on my instagram, which you can see below.

It was such a fun challenge – the first time my sister and I have run something like this, and we are hatching plans to do something more regularly in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

I took December off challenges, but decided to do another one for the whole of January, which will be the subject of my next update! 🙂

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