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Farmvember week 3

Another week of sketching photo’s from mine and Nikki’s farms – we have been so impressed by everyone’s contributions, and are having a lot of fun with the challenge! There are now over 500 posts on the hashtag on Instagram!

I am feeling like my confidence in tackling scenes is increasing – we have some challenging subjects with animals, landscapes, buildings and machinery – all so difficult in their own way, and full of problem solving!

Here is a little video I posted on my YouTube for all the week 3 sketches 🙂

Daily sketching has several surprising benefits:

  1. Improved creativity: Engaging in daily sketching boosts my creative thinking skills. It allows me to explore new ideas, experiment with different concepts, and find new approaches to subjects.
  2. Enhanced observation skills: Regular sketching trains my observation skills and encourages me to pay attention to details, shapes, and proportions. This skill can be beneficial in various aspects of life, including problem-solving and critical thinking.
  3. Stress relief and mindfulness: Sketching can serve as a form of meditation, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It helps me focus on the present moment, providing a sense of calm and a way to quiet my mind.

I am already well into week 4, and feel slightly sad that this challenge will be coming to an end soon. Farmvember and Boatober have really helped me to get back into a daily habit of sketching, and I think the momentum will continue! Next month, I would like to do more sketching from life around the home, as I feel that will help improve my sketching on location skills – something I am keen to focus on in 2024!

Thanks for reading!

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