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Massy Ferguson 565 - Day 8

Farmvember 2023 – Week 2

What an amazing response Nikki and I have had to our Farmvember challenge! So many amazing artists taking part, we are so overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm the challenge is receiving!

Here are week two’s sketches:

Calves – Day 6

Day 6 – Calves: This was a fun one, I used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen with grey ink to quickly and loosely draw the lines, then painted in the dark areas with my Graphitint, then popped in a little yellow neocolor for the ear tags. I really love this style, and hope to try and do this more, perhaps even making some original paintings for gifts (or even sell?!).

Nikki’s Sheep – Day 7

This sketch did not go to plan, but I am trying to experiment and try different techniques. I first added some white wax crayon to keep some pf the page white for the sheep and the clouds. Then I painted over the green grass and blue/grey sky. Once that was dry, I added some colour pencil lines for the grass, fence, sheep and clouds. Overall, I feel the sketch lacks something – perhaps contrast?

Massy Ferguson 565 – Day 8

I was really happy with the tractor! I painted the basic shapes and colours in with graphite watercolours, then added the line, loosely with my favourite fountain pen (TWSI Eco and SketchInk Lily)

Tyre Stack – Day 9

Another fun sketch, and a bit of a mess, but I kind of liked the effect anyway! Another sketch where I painted first and added the line after.

Daisy and Blue – Day 10

Another one I was not overly happy with. I was trying to replicate the calves sketch, using brush pen, however I did the paint first, so perhaps that’s why it was not so successful. I think it is too busy, and needed more white space to breath.

Nikki’s Baler Shed – Day 11

Another loose sketch – I opted to put the linework in first. I try to work quickly, and use a continuous line as much as possible to keep it loose. The I added the paint, and a little splatter!

Here is a little video of me sketching day 11 🙂

So, onto the next week! Thank you for reading 🙂

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