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Keeping an Illustrated Daily Journal

Back in December, I started to keep an illustrated daily journal. This is different to my daily sketching, which I have in the past written in too, as it is more about capturing my day in more of a journal/diary way. But with some illustrations too. I decided to have a dedicated book for this, and used the ever versatile Royal Talens Art Creation A5 sketchbook, as the paper is nice and thick for multimedia, and smooth for ink.

For a full flip through, head over to my you tube channel

As I mentioned in the video, it took me a while to get into the groove of updating this on a regular basis, and there are some gaps in there, from a day or two, to a week or so at times! However, I have now really got into the habit of writing and sketching in this every evening so that is an established part of my daily routine.

I have really enjoyed looking back through this journal, remembering various days and activities over the last 6 months. I now can’t wait to fill another and share my next one once it is completed!

Do go and check out Austin Kleon for more inspiration if you’re interested in keeping a daily journal of your life. I absolutely love his approach, and like him also use a brush pen, which helps keep the journal relaxed and to prevent perfectionism!

Austin Kleon on keeping diaries

Materials used:

  • Art Creation A5 sketchbook by Royal Talens
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

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