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Brian’s Hut

I am getting quite into these ‘draw this in your style’ challenges on Instagram. It’s so lovely to be able to scroll through my feed and see what pops up to inspire me! Today’s sketch was one I have seen a few times now, so I had to give it a go!

Drawing Brian’s Hut

I really wanted to keep this lovely fisherman’s cottage loose, and feel like I am starting to get more confidence in my line now. I was pretty happy with the overall sketch, apart from not really capturing the window panes very well! I couldn’t decide whether to add the detail or whether that would be getting into too much detail!

Anyway, I wanted to be pretty minimal with the paint too, and started with the sky, a lovely Cerulean blue, then tried to add the other elements by just picking out the key colours. Once this had dried, I went in with a second layer over the shadows, and added a few little pops of colour to the details like the fishing paraphernalia at the front of the cottage.

Brian’s Hut

I also added some white pen to the windows (still not happy with them!!), as they looked too dark.

This was a really fun subject to sketch and paint, and I really think these challenges are helping me refine my style.

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