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Day 3 - MGBGT Roadster

Quick Tiny Sketch of the Day Challenge

This Summer seems to be all about taking on little art challenges! As well as the Tiny Print Tuesday Challenge, and the International Nature Journaling Week that I took part in, I have also joined the lovely Don’s (@the.curious.sketcher on instagram) tiny sketch challenge for July. I am really enjoying the sense of achievement from joining in and seeing what other artists are doing too!

Here is how Don describes the Quick Tiny Sketch of the Day Challenge:

What is this challenge? Quick Tiny Sketch Of The Day. It’s an opportunity to create or keep a daily sketching habit. If you want to join, for the month of July, make a sketch that is:

🏎️ Quick, however you define quick. For me, 30min or less
βš›οΈ Tiny, however you define tiny. For me, the size of my palm or less
πŸ—“οΈ Daily. Sketch and post every day
πŸ€ͺ Fun!

For the first week, I took inspiration from my sister, Nikki who had been making quick sketches of cars! I felt a quick tiny sketch would be a great way to practise drawing cars, and it was! Still very challenging, trying to get the angles and the perspective right – but I really focussed on just trying to relax and get a loose and quick sketch.

Materials Used

I mostly used ink and watercolour for these sketches, although for day 7 I tried out using colour pencils, and day 9 I used a Neocolor 2 for the yellow car. This was mostly because it was a clean yellow, and the yellow in my watercolour pan is not clean! I also used my ArtGraf water soluble graphite for the grey colour of the E-Type Jaguar on day 5 and liked this effect.

Part of the fun of this challenge is trying out different materials, but my go to is still ink and watercolour – you just can’t beat it πŸ™‚

I am sketching in my tiny sketchbook, which is a cut down A6 studio sketchbook from Jackson’s art. I cut it down to fit in my Passport sized Traveler’s Notebook, as it is my out and about sketchbook, and a perfect size for a tiny quick sketch!

Day 10 onwards

On day 10, I went camping with my boys, so normal service was slightly interrupted with all the fun of camping! I did manage to create a couple of quick sketches while there, but took a break from my cars to capture the camping experience – which will be my next blog post! Now I am back home, I am wondering what else to sketch – I may do a different theme for each week! I will post back here soon with an update of how I am getting on as the month closes out.

Happy sketching!

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