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Playing with Orange Ink

I have several different coloured inks from Rohrer and Klinger’s SketchInk range, and have filled some fountain pens with black, grey and orange… I never really use the orange, so thought I would start playing to see how I like it!


SketchInk is waterproof, meaning you can watercolour over the lines without the ink running. Most waterproof ink is not safe for fountain pens, but this range is. You have to be a bit careful and clean them out occasionally to prevent blockage, but I find if you use the pen regularly, and don’t leave the lid off too long, they’re fine.

Sketching fruit with orange ink

I chose a satsuma and a couple of bananas, as I felt they would suit the orange ink treatment! It was fun to break away from my usual black inkiness to explore the softer, more subtle lines from the orange ink.

I then went in with loose watercolour, and maybe some over the top spatter 😅. I also tried to use purple for the shadows, as this is a complimentary colour to yellow. I think it worked well, but I possibly went a bit too dark, as I find it a bit distracting from the main subject of the fruit! But that’s all fine, this is just playing and experimenting after all!

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