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Experimenting with new Art Materials

Kosovo Landscape

My sister bought me some gorgeous Derwent Graphitint paints for my birthday. They have lovely muted colours, and seem to granulate with the graphite particles in them. I really love them. They dry quite desaturated, and therefore really need either more layers, or another medium to give some definition and detail. I have also recently purchased some colour pencils and necolour wax crayons, which I am really enjoying experimenting with.

First pass with graphitint paint

Here is the first pass of the sketch – just blocking in the basic shapes and colours with Graphitint.

Earlier in the day, I took part in a Patreon zoom call – I am a member of Emma Carlisles’s Patreon, and some of her members run regular breakfast clubs together via zoom. Today’s destination in the Roadtrip breakfast club, was Kosovo, so we drew together from reference photo’s.

Once again, I used the Derwent graphitint to make the basic shapes and colour, then added more details with colour pencils and Neocolour, plus some markers (Tombow and Pitt Brush pens).

still feel really uncomfortable using this approach, I am more used to using an inky line, then simply adding watercolour. For the sketches below, I started with a Pentel brush pen to create the basic shapes, then used the graphitint loosely, followed by colour pencils, markers, Neocolour, to add the detail. I think this may be a suitable compromise for me, but I am still going to keep pushing myself to get used to using these different materials – it’s good fun!

Kosovo Mountains
Kosovo Bridge

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