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My Outdoor Sketching Kit

Over the years, my kit has developed (and mostly expanded!). I still love the simplicity of just ink and watercolour, but I have experimented with, and enjoy, new materials such as neocolour, and colour pencils. This is fine when you are sitting indoors, with all your art supplies to hand, but how do you take these multiple supplies out and about?

The above is a photo of me just taking a selection of art supplies outside to sketch in the garden, but it’s not practical to take cups of crayons outside of the garden! So, after much thought and consideration, I chose one of my pencil cases to hold all the supplies I think I can’t do without – which is a challenge scaling down all the options to fit into one pencil case!

The photo below is my carefully considered portable out and about kit!

My Portable Kit

Kit List:

Lochby Pencil case/wrap containing:

  • selection of neocolor crayons
  • selection of colour pencils
  • waterbrush pen (Pentel)
  • Uniball eye fineliners
  • More fineliners
  • Pentel pocket brush pen with black ink and one with grey ink
  • pencil sharpener

wrist band for cleaning brush

Schmincke watercolour box

Small Royal Talens Art Creation sketchbook

Compact Kit!

I am pretty pleased with this setup – it packs down pretty small considering all the art supplies I can carry with the pencil case, and I like that I have somewhat limited my choices by virtue of only taking one pencil case – I think I could probably reduce this down further, but for now, I do like the options this selection provides 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you have questions about my kit.

How do you decide what to take out and about with you?

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  1. Dianne

    Thanks Emma! What fun it is to read how you make your choices, you have a lovely and very practical pencil case. And I like this blog and your writing! For me it’s everytime a search for my favorite crayons, micron pens and paint. I really would like to travel light and to be able to narrow down to only one pencil, two micron pens and watercolor

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