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My Artistic Journey: 5 Reasons Why I’m Starting a 100-Day Drawing Challenge

Challenge Time!

I rediscovered my love of sketching around 5 years ago, and have come a long way since my first tentative sketchbook. Along the way, I have captured many memories of daily life and my family, and whilst my practise has been generally consistent, I want to push myself even further this year. I have so many ideas and projects, that I sometimes don’t know where to start.

For me, embarking on a 100-day drawing challenge might be the perfect solution to help me focus on these ideas and projects I never see to get time for! In this blog post, I will share the five compelling reasons I started a 100-day drawing challenge!


Reasons to Start a 100 Day Challenge

1. Cultivate Consistency and Discipline:

I crave consistency in my art practice, and the 100-day drawing challenge offers just that. By committing to drawing every day for 100 days, I should establish a daily drawing habit that becomes an integral part of my routine. This commitment will help me build discipline and overcome procrastination. It will motivate me to prioritise my art and dedicate focused time to practice and improvement, leading to some progress in my skills.

2. Explore and Expand Creative Horizons:

The 100-day drawing challenge provides me with a platform to explore new subjects, styles, and techniques. Each day will be an invitation to experiment, push my boundaries, and expand my creative horizons. I plan to delve into printmaking, landscapes, nature journaling, and maybe even some urban sketching on location!

3. Sharpen Skills:

I firmly believe in the power of practice. There are no shortcuts to mastery, The 100-day drawing challenge will allow me to sharpen my skills with regular practice. By consistently drawing every day, my lines will become more confident, my watercolour more expressive, and my understanding of composition and perspective deepen.

4. Overcome Creative Blocks:

Like every artist, I encounter creative blocks along the way. However, the 100-day drawing challenge should force me to overcome these blocks. The commitment to draw daily, to create even when inspiration seems elusive. I hope to embrace the process, persevere through challenging moments, and find inspiration in unexpected places. Creative blocks are temporary hurdles that can be conquered with consistent effort and a determined mindset.

5. Document Progress and Build a Portfolio:

One of the most motivating aspects of the 100-day drawing challenge will document my progress, and try new things. I intend to build a collection of artwork that I can curate into a portfolio, share online, or use to inspire others here and on social media platforms. I look forward to reflecting on compiling my sketches at the end of the challenge, and seeing what 100 days of consistent creativity will produce!

7 day Nature Journaling Challenge

I am planning to sit down every week and draft out a schedule to keep me on track. I am going to take part in the Block Party with Gina printmaking challenge, which is to produce a print every week for 5 weeks.

If, like me, you’re seeking to invigorate your art practice, I encourage you to grab your sketchbook, embrace the challenge, and embark on a transformative 100-day adventure with me. Let’s watch our art evolve and our creativity take off!

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