Sketching the Garden in May

Sketching the Garden in May

This month we have had some beautiful weather, and I have loved grabbing a few moments of peace, early in the morning or in the afternoon, before or after the marathon that is schooling at home during lockdown!

Fig Tree and toys

The fig tree is just breaking out its huge leaves, and you can still see through it, before the leaves entirely go bonkers and take over. I sketched this in the morning light, trying out a new #10 round brush, with my gouache set. The brush is huge compared to my usual brush, the Pentel waterbrush, but I loved the unpredictability and messiness of it.

I actually accidentally picked up my gouache set, as have the same tins for both my watercolours and gouache, but I really enjoyed the more limited colour palette compared to my watercolours.

The laburnum tree really comes into its own in May, with heavy yellow blooms hanging down adding a gorgeous splash of colour to the garden. It sits directly in my view from my fave spot on the patio, so it has been begging to be painted since blooming!

Once again, I grabbed my gouache tin, and enjoyed the challenge of mixing greens with my 2 blues and 2 yellows… Dark Indigo, Helio Turquoise and Azo yellow, Gamboge. I really love the Dark Indigo for the shadow areas, and both the yellows are really vibrant.

Laburnum tree in bloom

I think the summer may well be the start of a new project for me, trying to start nature journalling, and learning more both about nature and sketching and painting. The attention needed to fully observe scenes and items from nature could be the perfect subject for me to slow down and be more mindful about my creative practise. Sitting in the garden helps me switch off and relax, so I’m always going to make sure I have a sketchbook and pens to hand, let’s see where it leads 🙂

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