Daily Sketch 26 May 2020

Daily Sketch 26 May 2020

A favourite subject of mine to draw, is my Labrador, Ruby. She’s usually not far from me when I am sitting down, so is a recurring model in my sketchbooks!

I sketched her while we were both cooling down in the shade of the patio, after a hot walk in the afternoon sun.


She is a tricky subject, being black, and she often moves, so I generally try and be fast, and often do more than one sketch on the page or spread.

For the coat, I use a dark blue, or mix a black/grey. Here I simply used dark indigo, with a little burnt sienna mixed in for the darker tones.

Snoozy Ruby

The gorgeous weather continues, so sketching outside is definitely in the agenda tomorrow too! Maybe a little outing over the farm yard to sketch our calves or pet pigs and goats… 😊

Sketched using – Sailor fude fountain pen with SketchInk waterproof ink, M Graham and Schmincke gouache paints, Pentel waterbrush, Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook.

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