Daily Sketch 25 May 2020

Daily Sketch 25 May 2020

Sitting and relaxing in the garden once again, with my sketchbook in hand. The weather today was 20°c, with not a cloud in the sky. Just glorious. It felt apt to look up at the palm tree and blue sky, imagining I was on holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean, sunning myself with a cocktail close by 🍸😅

In all seriousness though, the garden is a lovely place to be in the sunshine, and I am really enjoying sketching and painting it at the moment. I hope to get some time to make this a daily project this week, and try and find something new to sketch, or even just re visit the same subject, as that can be fun too!

I do need to practise painting skies with this gouache set though. When I use my watercolours, I use Cerulean Blue Chromium, which pretty much makes a perfect pale blue sky! I have Dark Indigo and Helio Turquoise in my gouache set, and the Helio Turquoise is a bit artificial applied straight on (see top left of painting)… the Indigo, I think makes a better sky, just needs to be watered down a bit, so as not to make it too dark.

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